When you can’t be at the conference with everyone else, the next best thing is following the #ACPA11 twitter back channel.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the #NASPA11 #SAbingo game. Feel free to visit the link and play that board too!

So the players might be different, but the game and rules are the same.  Tweet #SAbingo & #ACPA11 when you find a item on the bingo board, and if you have a camera phone, take a picture to send with your tweet.  I’ll post all of the tweets from our players on the blog.

Thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions and new ideas. I am working on a special #sachat board right now for all of the frequent twitter-ers out there, so stay tuned.

Below the board are a list of wonderful ideas I received  that didn’t make it this time around.  Often times they didn’t make it because they might be hard to capture on camera.  Thanks again for all who contributed :)

I’ve seen the error in my ways, and already updated the board. Thanks to Nikki Laird, @JennyDukes, @clconzen, & @ssandstr for insisting I include a hairspray reference.  Just needed to watch “Good Morning Baltimore” to be  won over! ;)

#ACPA11 board

Thanks Matt Petersons (@MattyP_654), @JennaMagnuski, Emily Harris, Sara Sandstrom (@ssandstr), Kevin Thompson, & the #NEACUHOma social for the squares used above.

Some of the other great ideas I received:

  • Detective Munch (from @ssandstr)
  • Someone who describes themselves as a “people person” (#NEACHOma social)
  • A exclusive invite to a special scholars or association dinner (#NEACHOma social)
  • School branded pen from Alaska (#NEACHOma social)
  • Bow tie (#NEACHOma social)
  • Crab Cakes (#NEACHOma social)
  • 15 free 512MB jump drives that you can only fit one powerpoint slide on (#BGSUcsp)
  • A presenter who references their own literature in a session (#NEACHOma social)
  • A presenter who uses wikipedia as a reference (#NEACHOma social)
  • Domino Sugar (@ssandstr)
  • Person ducking out of a session to go on Ace of Cakes tour (@ssandstr)
  • Interview tables with table cloths, an inflatable mascot, stuffed animals and full color brochures set up that would rival a Macy’s storefront during the holidays (#BGSUcsp)
  • A “best practice” suggested or presented that is already ubiquitous
  • Outdated Livestrong style event bracelet that matches outfit (#BGSUcsp)
  • Someone who claims to be “6 degrees away from Arthur Chickering”  (#NEACHOma social)
  • Someone going around and randomly shaking hands of people he/she doesn’t know (#NEACHOma social)
  • Someone charging their phone in the convention center hallway (@ssandstr)
  • Patty Perillo (@ssandstr)
  • A facebook photo that breaks the golden rules of “professionalism”
  • Candidate saying something inappropriate in a bathroom (#NEACHOma social)
  • ACPA green water bottle from 5 years ago (#BGSUcsp)
  • Calendars – 3-4 different ones detailing every offices campus events (#BGSUcsp)
  • Tattoos – Like “Chickering’s 8th vector” (#BGSUcsp)
  • 3 half sandwiches, pasta salad, 2 cookies, 1 pickle and a bag of chips balanced on a tiny plate or napkin with a drink in the other hand during a social where someone is trying to avoid buying a real meal (#BGSUcsp)
  • Late-night run in with a stumbling health or wellness educator who hasn’t practiced what they preach
  • @IrmaPelt, @LeahWescott, or @brodytruce from the CronkAnd the competition has started…tweet me your #sabingo finds!


@jessfaulk I just saw Forney at registration #acpabingo #acpa11Sun Mar 27 15:00:25 via TweetCaster



Things to pack for next year: Big Names in Higher Ed/Student Affairs Bingo cards. Dea Forney for the cover-all #ACPA11Mon Mar 28 20:13:33 via Twitter for Android



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