When making this the #NASPA11 and #ACPA11, I received so many fabulous ideas, I couldn’t possibly incorporate them all.  I also wanted to make sure that I wasn’t counting anyone out who didn’t know the “inside lingo” of the #sachat or twitter community.  SO, I figured would go ahead and pull all of the twitteriftic ideas together into one fun geeky board. For those of you playing #SAbingo at the conference, feel free to pick your favorite board, the #ACPA11 general board, or the one I made especially for the #sachat community below.

My only hope is to make a few people smile (and possible even make a few connections with one another) by adding a “game layer” to the conference experience.  I’ll be enjoying the #ACPA11 backchannel from home, so keep tweeting!

Looking for #sachat presenters? Visit one of the the running lists: google doc #1 & google doc #2

Remember, tweet your bingo pics to me and I will post them on my blog, or tag them #sabingo for all to see!

SAChat Bingo

Thanks especially to @NikiRudolph, @MikeJHamilton, and @EricStoller for the Bingo ideas (plus anyone else I might have forgot!)


Do I get an #acpa11 bingo square for spotting 3 professionals in a row wearing argyle socks?Mon Mar 28 19:18:39 via Twitter for Android

Kathy Petras gets credit for her own minglestick of course!

Do light up “minglesticks” from 2010 count? (cc. @OberBecca @KARupert ) RT @jessfaulk: #ACPA11 BINGO http://wp.me/p1pDy4-2EFri Mar 25 03:51:29 via TweetDeck

Laura Pasquini gets bingo credit for herself. Anyone else need to know what a PLN is? Find Laura to ask, watch the Student Affairs Life Podcast, or flip through Laura’s presentation slides. For the geeks out there, you will know what I am talking about when I say ” </silos> now”

Wow. How cool! Great idea = gaming RT @jessfaulk: tweeting up 2night #acpa11 #sachat bingo SPECIAL EDITION http://wp.me/p1pDy4-2TMon Mar 28 00:37:32 via Seesmic for Android



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