SA Women Talk Tech: Symptoms you need a student affairs detox

Most experts would agree, passion for your job is a great thing.  However, for all of the benefits of really enjoying your job, there is a unfortunate outcome: student affairs addiction.  As an RA or Orientation Leader you don’t think much about your need to be social organizer in your group of friends, but as you spend more and more time in the profession, you find your job creeping into every aspect of your life.  After a while, you may not even be able to determine how much of it is “just you being you” and how much of it is influenced by the work you do.  If any of this sounds too familiar, you should review the symptoms below, as you may in fact need a student affairs detox.

This post is inspired by Social-media-detox-infographic by Column Five and the end of the academic year, when we could all use a little break!

Thanks to all of the twitter friends who contributed ideas! (Credits below).  Please comment and share your ideas of symptoms that you need a #sadetox ;)

Credits: #2 & #8 @clconzen, #3 @oconnorboston#5 #6 & #11 Emily Harris, #13 Maggie Plummer

There wasn’t room for all of the wonderful ideas from the twitterverse, but I wanted to share with you all of the submissions!  Unfortunately I gathered suggestions so long ago I can’t find all of the names of those who submitted them.  So if you sent one in, please let me know and I will give you credit!!

  • E-mailing psychosis: You cannot fall asleep because you know the red light is blinking on your blackberry and you talk to yourself about whether you want to respond or not – Danielle Licitra
  • Twitterpatted: When you are more excited to meet @edcabellon and @ericstoller than conference opening speaker Anderson Cooper
  • You know you need #SAdetox when you start using phrases like ‘challenge and support’ in your pick-up lines.
  • You can spot another student affairs professional at the end of the bar.  You then talk about students for an hour. – Maggie Plummer
  • News: When you open up your favorite news sites you go DIRECTLY to the college news section.  You’ve got all of your favorite HiEd sites and blogs book marked for easy access any time of day.
  • Duty call depression: When you are so used to getting called for every problem that occurs on campus you are confused and  depressed when you check your phone and see that there are no new messages
  • When you look around for all the nearest emergency exits at restaurants, offices, etc. Bonus: inspecting fire extinguishers.
  • Extreme Responsibility: When you can’t help but enforce policy or assist in an evacuation, no matter where you are.
  • Scavenging: You are so used to the free snacks, banquets, and meals provided for you at your college that you have forgotten how to shop.  You go to the grocery store and are paralyzed by the need to make a decision about what you are going to eat that night.
  • Power Tripping: The line between “reality” and “Student Affairs reality ” often becomes blurred.  Just because everyone knows you on your campus doesn’t mean you are important off campus.
  • Overanalyzing: You can’t watch a movie with your friends without analyzing how the characters might have approached their problem in a more productive manner that would have led to less conflict for everyone.
  • Always “ON”: You need #sadetox when you do icebreakers at the table when you go out to eat
  • You need #sadetox when you watch glee and all you see is theory:) –@KMcCarthy8185
  • Too MUCH self reflection and awareness – sometimes it’s fun to take a moment to dance through life – @clconzen

2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh jeez, this one was me: “You know you need #SAdetox when you start using phrases like ‘challenge and support’ in your pick-up lines.”


    • Nice! I wish I could remember who submitted that one to me. This was one of my first crowdsourced infographics and I didn’t realize I would have to save them all elsewhere or they would eventually disappear from the twittersphere. Sadly, so many SA Pros emailed me after this graphic went out and said they saw their self in these. Maybe we need group therapy! :)


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