SA Women Talk Tech: Linkage Love

This should probably be the easiest blog post to produce.  The internet and it’s abundance of information can easily lead you from one interesting website to another.  However, I can honestly say that I have been in an internet (and information) void over the last several weeks, not enjoying my usual time on Twitter and the connectedness you feel from something as simple as being able to read the news online.  So this week it was a pleasure to have as an assignment of finding interesting websites to share!

First up, is the website I am most excited by.  I stumbled upon a mention of NYC internet Week last year after the conference was over and was so excited about attending, I pre-marked by calendar a year in advance.  It’s free for students, $15 for others, and a whole love of fun geeking out.  Can’t wait to attend next week!

Two popular stories this week caught my interest.  The first because I am a huge Apple fan, and lover of the “get a mac” commercials.  The second caused me to reflect on how much I might contribute to electronic waste by my own continual upgrading of electronic gadgets.  I very much hope that we will move toward more environmentally friendly tech materials in the near future.

Apple’s ‘Get a Mac,’ the Complete Campaign

Your Old Laptops Are Killing People in China–2

I can’t put together a group of links without including a few infographics.  If you area visual-learner like me, this might be your chosen method of information digestion.  Soak in the latest data on mobile tech use and twitter!

Smartphone apps will boost enterprise productivity by 2015

Twitter: The who, why, and now

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