SA Women Talk Tech: A picture is worth a thousand words

When given this blog prompt, I went searching through the 21,000+ photos I have saved in my iphoto.  Most of my shots, I have to admit,  are fairly straightforward.  I have long ago resigned myself to the historian in my department because I want to make sure that we capture each of our successes, and add to a cache of photos to always have plenty to pull from when making newsletters and slideshows. So I pushed through the thousands of photos of Student Life programs and found a few I think are a bit more interesting.
With the first photo I am going to share is of my nephew. I took the shot after playing around with some of my camera settings. In particular, I set the camera to only pick up variations of the red in his boots.  You’ll see in he picture that there was a fair amount of redness in the wilderness around him, and even in his cheeks and hair.  This was an experiment on my part, so it was fun just to see how everything turned out.  I would love to say that trying to capture a little of the energy of discovery that you find in small kids, but to be honest, I can remember acutely how difficult he was being that day, so all I can see in this photo is his stubbornness ;)

red boots

This second is much more recent, and one of my favorites.  I took it at the Zombie March VII in downtown Boston on May 28, 2011. Seeing hundreds of people dressed in full zombie gear is pretty impressive.  While I was amazed by the sheer volume of participants, I was especially impressed with a few costumes that seemed to me professionally done.  Below are two of the most amazing I saw that day.  Not only because of the makeup, but also because of the way they were completely in character.  I was very fortune to have caught this shot right as we were exiting the Boston Common toward the Boston Garden.  Photo is aged with iphone app “Old Photo Pro.”


If I piqued your  interest in the Zombie Walk, feel free to check out these two inventive videos I found posted on the Zombie March Facebook page:
YouTube Video
by Alex Dainis
YouTube Video by CBC

A picture is worth a thousand words – Share a photo of yours and tell us about it!  Hope you enjoyed mine.

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