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SA Women Talk Tech: Linkage Love

As a techie woman, and curious student affairs professional, I am always looking for free or cheap technology focused professional development opportunities in my city. I am lucky enough to call Boston my home, a city with an abundance of conferences, tweetups, and socials. Over the course of the year, I have attended events such as PodCamp6, A11y Tech Accessibility Unconference, Educators & Entrepreneurs Summit: The Future of Education Technology, NY Internet Week, and MegaTweetup3. At each of these events I always have the opportunity to learn about a new piece of technology that sounds promising. I come home with a pocketful of business cards, file them, and forget about them. I am sure you’ve had a similar experience. It’s not like you meant to forget them, but life just keeps going and you don’t take the time to look into that new piece of tech.

This past weekend, in the process of cleaning up my apartment managed to unearth a stack of cards and notes from the year’s various events and wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

This start up was tabling at one of the conferences to give attendees a look at the future of technology competency. I believe that our students are not as tech savvy as we give them credit for. We often think that students have more experience with programs such as Excel, Photoshop, or Google applications just because they are younger than we are. I find however that our students have a ways to go when it comes to using computer applications in a way that is useful for their organizations and their jobs. This website, still in it’s infancy, has begun to create a platform for testing and sharing technology competency scores. One day we may be posting our Smarterer scores on our resume, but in the meantime, it is a fun site to visit, test yourself, and perhaps even create a test to challenge your student leaders to grow their tech knowledge.


This gem I just learned about tonight from @robbiesamuels while at the the#MegaTweetup. Robbie uses Rapportive to be able to pull in all of the information from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to help him make connections with all of the people he emails. When you are in your Gmail account and have the program installed, you can see all of a person’s latest tweets and their contact information just by hovering over their name. Once you connect the program with your LinkedIn contacts, you might also discover connections between your friends and co-workers that you didn’t even know existed! Gist is another program that does something very similar. If you are a Gmail user, I suggest you check them out. A social experiment to spread happiness

This project was one that I was introduced to at a street fair. I was talking by a table and asked the question “What makes you happy?” What a great question to ask a stranger I thought. The team that created this project is spreading joy into the communities around the world by asking them to share of what they enjoy in life, making people smile, and passing along the sense of satisfaction from one person to another. On the brick wall across from the table was hundreds of post-it notes from people at the fair that wanted to share. Immediately I thought of what a great project this would be to bring back to my college. Check out the project, and see if the thought of bringing the happiness project to your institution makes you smile :)



SA Women Talk Tech: Linkage Love

Transgender Remembrance Day


Twelve years ago Transgender Day of Remembrance was created to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred.  On November 20, 2011 we will pause to honor those transgender persons who were forever lost to the world.  If you don’t have a transgender remembrance memorial or program on campus or in your community, consider sending out information and links to shed light on this very serious topic.

From Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition:

  • 13%-56% of transgender people had been fired
  • 13%-47% had been denied employment
  • 22%-31% had been harassed, either verbally or physically, in the workplace

From Youth Pride, Inc.:

  • 33.2% of transgender youth have attempted suicide. (2006).
  • 55% of transgender youth report being physically attacked. (GLSEN, 2003).
  • 74% of transgender youth reported being sexually harassed at school, and 90% of transgender youth reported feeling unsafe at school because of their gender expression. (GLSEN, 2001).
  • In a survey of 403 transgender people, 78% reported having been verbally harassed and 48% reported having been victims of assault, including assault with a weapon, sexual assault or rape. (1997).

To find out about events happening around the world, visit the International Transgender Day of Remembrance website,

It Gets BetterIt Gets Better
@ItGetsBetter, #ItGetsBetter
The It Gets Better project was created in September 2010 to share with LGBT youth a positive future.  The hope is that these videos which allow LGBT people to share their own stories of survival and success will help a younger generation get through difficult times and feel supported through their teen years.

I recommend viewing the It Gets Better pagefocused specifically on the experiences of Transgender individuals for National Trans Remembrance Day

Show your Campus Pride!Campus-Pride-

Campus Pride is an organization for student leaders and campus groups working to create a safer college environment for LGBT students. The organization is a volunteer-driven network “for” and “by” student leaders. Campus Pride hosts a number of resources available to college students, and provides a place for LGBT teens to look for queer-friendly colleges through  Consider getting your college listed on the index!

Listen to a recent interview with Campus Pride executive director Shane Windmeyer (@shanewindmeyer) and Eric Stoller (@ericstoller) on Student Affairs Live

Originally posted on 11/18/11 on the SA Women Talk Tech Blog

Linkage Love: Tribute to good friends

by Jess Faulk

I am going to make my linkage love this week a tribute to people that I love.  These friends have made an impact on my life throughout the years in a positive way, whether it was being generous with their time, their spirit, or their encouragement.  I think these folks are truly great individuals, and I hope that you will be so lucky as to get to know them one day.

Mike Shinn
Mike Shinn (yes, you need to always say both his first and last name) was an icon before he was a friend of mine.  As RHA President at UC Santa Barbara (my undergraduate institution) Mike taught be about “branding” before I even knew the concept.  Not surprisingly, he was before his time.  Mike also showed me such kindness as a clueless sophomore buying my first ever computer (sadly, a PC).  He gave me a much needed power cord that he kept around for just such occasions, and since then I have emulated him (perhaps to a fault) keeping extra cords around my apartment in the rare chance that I might be able to offer then to some student or staff member in need.  Thank you Mike for being a truly genuine and fantastic person!

Visit Mike’s blog if you want practical advice on sane parenting.  And if you are looking for a new hobby, check out Mike’s labor of love, a tribute to all soda, from Yogurt soda to Fanta.

Sean Lieberman
Sean, better known as his alterego “demonhood” online, is one of the funniest people I know.  If I ever need a good laugh I know I can head over to his quotes page, or read the captions on his enormous photo gallery.  Sean and his friends took me in to their group when I really needed friends, and he always had patience to teach me tech (or rollerhockey or softball).  Sean is also extremely talented, and I have always envied the focus he puts into his beautiful work.  If you live in the Santa Barbara area, consider hiring him and Lopaka to do photography for an event.

Robbie Samuels
What were you doing on “Robbie Samuels Day?”  Yup, Robbie has a official day now in the City of Boston (Sept 16th) for being the been instrumental in the work to end discrimination based on sexual orientation, HIV status and gender identity and expression and co-founded Socializing for Justice (SoJust), a grassroots group committed to building a stronger cross-issue progressive community, network and movement by putting the “social back in social justice.”  I’ve only known Robbie since February of this year, and yet it feels like I have known him for years.  Robbie is a connector, he always makes everyone feel welcome and included, and has taught me so much in the little time I have known him.  I love the concept that Robbie has fostered through and Campus2Community, which is simply to get like-minded people in a room together without a specific agenda and you see what happens.

I hope that some of you in the Boston area will join us at the Campus2Community Happy Hour for faculty and staff on October 25th. I am excited to see what happens organically when people from all areas of the university and all passions get together to socialize. Find out more at


Thank you to my dear friends for all that you have given me and continue to give me through your inspiration.  I must also acknowledge that all of these friends I am honoring with linage love this week are men on a website by women, celebrating women and tech.  What this means to me is that I need to continue to contribute my own knowledge and insights to the community in hopes that I can also make an impact people in my life.

Originally posted on the Student Affairs Women Talk Tech Blog, Sept. 20, 2011

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